Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home

Are you 60+?

Would you like a pet companion but the cost has put you off?

Our charity has been set up to remove some of the financial barriers related to owning a pet.

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 Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home

Our Success Stories

In the short time since gaining charitable status, we have found loving homes for these beauties. It’s such an AMAZING start to our journey…
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We support the over 60s to afford a rescue pet companion. If money is a genuine barrier, we can pay the rehoming fee for a RESCUE animal and continue to support, each month, with the cost of pet food.

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Become a Sponsor

Swap Shop

Swap Shop is an online community where we can raise money to help us off-set our month pet food bill. Our target is to raise £100 per month.

Swap a donation for a donation and help us raise vital charity funds…

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We are asking our amazing followers to donate £1 for Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home because It will sustain the charitable work.

Can you help by donating £1.00 today?

Please support our charity to continue our vital work, it’s simple!

You can now fundraise or donate, securely, through our new Just Giving page or via PayPal.

We support the over 60s to afford a rescue animal.

We want to tackle loneliness in our ageing years and the rising number of animals in shelter…

To date, we have helped over 100+ animals to find a brighter future.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas or feedback or if you know someone we can help.

Promotional Video

Check out our recent promotional video to learn more about how we are 'Helping individuals through loneliness and animals through homelessness'. A huge thank you to the Brightbeam team for creating the video for us!

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Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2017


Give a Dog a Bone's Founder, Louise Russell, is one of three finalists in Pet Plan's 'Animal Charity Volunteer of the Year' category.

The winner will be announced at a prestigious awards dinner on 26th April.

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