2015 – We’re coming to get you!!!

Jan 22, 2015 | Latest News

I can’t quite believe that this charity, which was just an idea on paper in November 2013, is now a full year old!! SO much has happened in that time!!

The charity has achieved SO much and has helped SO many people and animals. The original idea was to support the over 60s to afford a rescue animal – tackling loneliness in old age AND the rising number of animals in shelter! This financial support is very much in place now, as a result of generous donations and fund raising activities in 2014. We have paid the rehoming fee for many cats and dogs and continue to support several individuals, each month, with the cost of their pet food!

BUT, we are becoming known for so much more!! People come to us when someone has died and the resident animals need a new home, when they are unable to walk their dogs any longer – due to ill health, and when they are suffering from terminal illness and they want to see their beloved pet companion/s safe and happy.

It’s an absolute honour to be involved in such worthwhile and rewarding activities. To know that you have genuinely helped bring some joy to a sad situation is just priceless. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.

Louise x

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