About us

We are a young charity, bringing our animals and the over 60s together.

We CARE about the rising number of animals in shelters and about loneliness in our ageing years, so we had an idea…

We want to bring animals and the over 60s together by providing two services:

We will support the local over 60s population – who are struggling to afford to feed their pets – by providing help with their monthly pet food and/or insurance costs. Our hope is that this will prevent this group from handing their beloved pets into over-crowded shelters.

We will support the local over 60s population – who are unable to afford a pet – to benefit from the love of an animal. If they choose to re-home an animal from a shelter, we can pay for all associated re-homing fees, whilst providing on-going monthly support with pet food costs.

We know from many years of research, and first-hand experience, that pets can have a positive effect on the well being of their over 60s owners.

Many of these individuals live alone and their pet is the main source of company and affection.

Pets are constant companions and can bring welcome relief from the adverse effects of loneliness in our ageing years. They can provide their owners with the motivation to rise in the morning, and also with the feeling of being needed.

They create routine in a day, which might otherwise be empty.

Let’s work together to help our over 60s benefit from the love of a pet.

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