Chair Yoga

Oct 28, 2021 | Community Space, Latest News

Chair Yoga is Great for Older Adults

Chair yoga is a gentle exercise. It’s good for everyone, especially people with mobility issues or limitations. 

It is extremely important to stay active, particularly as we age, and this type of exercise will help maintain and build strength and has a very low risk of strain or injury. This makes chair yoga an ideal exercise for older adults. 

Poses can be tailored to suit each participant; this is useful for people with various health conditions. If you have any health conditions you should check with your GP before taking part in any exercise classes and should discuss your conditions with the instructor. 

Three people sitting on charis, doing yoga poses
A woman sitting in a chair, doing a yoga pose
A group of people standing in front of chairs doing yoga poses

Chair yoga can help improve balance, coordination, and sleep, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Group activities, in general, can help people to feel connected and build friendships. 
The chair yoga sessions through Give a Dog a Bone all end with a lovely relaxation session, to help everyone feel calm and relaxed. There are also usually companionship dogs close by during the sessions in our community spaces, on occasion they’ve been known to try to join in! 

A group of people standing in front of their chairs, doing a yoga pose
A group of poeple standing with their arms rasied in a yoga pose
Two women standing beside their chairs with one leg slightly rasied in a yoga pose

We currently offer regular online group chair yoga sessions via Zoom and in person group chair yoga sessions in our Shawlands and Alloa community spaces. These sessions are for the over 60s and they are free! 

If you, or anyone you know is over 60 and would like to join our online or in person chair yoga sessions, please email us at or pop in to our community space for a cuppa and book your place.

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