Christmas Appeal launches with touching 2021 Christmas Advert

Nov 17, 2021 | Latest News


This year, our charity is asking the public to help two lives this Christmas by purchasing a gift for their loved one from our selection of Christmas Gifting on offer.

As a loneliness and animal charity, we have released our first ever Christmas Advert to raise awareness of the work we do to bring older adults and rescue pets together to tackle social isolation and animal homelessness.

The video was launched as part of our Christmas Appeal to raise awareness of the difference a rescue pet companion can make in an older person’s life, while providing the animal with a new loving home. Through daily routine, love and companionship, older adults can find a new sense of purpose.


We help people over 60 afford the costs of adopting a rescue pet companion, while our monthly support scheme helps older people feed and care for their pets on an ongoing basis, so they aren’t forced to give them up if their financial circumstances change.


Pets provide motivation to rise in the morning, a reason to get outside into the fresh air for exercise, and they can provide routine in a day which otherwise might be empty.

For those who would like companionship however are unable to care for an animal at home, Give a Dog a Bone has three Community Spaces in Scotland (Glasgow, Troon, Alloa) where older adults can spend time with the charity’s Companionship Dogs. At these spaces, our evolving programme of free activities help older people learn new skills and engage with their community.

Our charity is appealing to the public to help two lives this Christmas, visit our Christmas Gifting and get your loved one a truly special gift this year from Give a Dog a Bone.

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