Your donation this Christmas will help reduce loneliness and isolation through animal companionship

“My life is much better since I got my best friend Rufus – he is such a character.  I can now go on walks which keeps me fit and active and feeling better within myself” – Charity Friend (age 60+)

Make a donation in your loved one’s name, with any of our Christmas gifts below

Gift a year’s entry into our 500 Club for a loved one

Enter your loved one into our monthly £500 draw with a £60 donation.

Gift a Rehoming Fee

Gift a donation of £200 to pay for a homeless dog’s rehoming fee on behalf of loved one.

Gift toward an animal’s care

Gift a monthly donation toward an animal’s care on our monthly support scheme.

“This charity is essential to help older people…they shouldn’t be shut away at home, on their own” – Inger, (age 60+)



How your donation will help

We know pets make wonderful companions, and they can provide purpose and routine in a day which otherwise might be empty.  Our charity tackles loneliness in our ageing years and animal homelessness.


We do this in a number of ways:  

  • We help people over 60 afford the cost of the rehoming fee so they can adopt a rescue pet
  • We help people over 60 to feed and take care of their pet through a monthly financial support scheme
  • We provide Community Spaces where people over 60 can get a free cuppa and spend time with our Companionship Dogs

We also deliver free group activities for older adults so they can learn new skills, be part of a group and make new friends, like chair yoga, creative writing or Spanish lessons.  All in the company of our amazing Companionship Dogs.

“Your help has saved my life” – Charity Friend (age 60+)

About us

Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home is a young, unique and award winning charity, supporting the over 60s to afford a rescue pet companion.

We aim to tackle loneliness for the individual and homelessness for the animal, by removing financial barriers to an over 60s person adopting a rescue animal.

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