Daytime Disco, Alloa

May 26, 2022 | Community Space, Latest News


We have our very own dancehall in our Alloa Community Space where we host group activities, and this is the perfect spot for our Daytime Disco. We offer these sessions in conjunction with Weekday Wow Factor, an organisation hosting exciting and healthy leisure activities for adults to awaken their inner child and enhance health and well-being, whilst providing an opportunity for them to make new friends and gain new confidence.

Chatting, laughing, and dancing can help boost mood and well-being, and can be the building blocks of a new friendship! This activity is a wonderful addition to our Companionship in the Community project, helping us to tackle loneliness and isolation by encouraging people to make connections in their community through our safe space.

Group of people dancing in a dance hall in our Alloa Community Space


Our Daytime Disco sessions are two hours long, take place across lunch time and give older adults the chance to socialise in a fun environment and enjoy a light lunch during the disco. Dancing is not required but we’ve yet to have a participant who hasn’t joined in for at least one wee dance!

Two rows of people dancing in a dance hall in our Alloa Community Space


These sessions take place at our Community Space in Alloa on the first Friday of each month, 11.30am-1.30pm. There are plenty of seats available for those who aren’t dancing and for those taking a break from the dancefloor. A light buffet lunch, with foods such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, fruit juice, water, and tea and coffee making facilities, is available for folk to help themselves to throughout the session.

With the upcoming Jubilee holiday at the beginning of June, our next Daytime Disco will take place on Friday 10th June. After that they’ll go back to their normal, first Friday of the month slot.

If you would like to find out more about, or book a place on, our Daytime Disco, please pop in to our Alloa Community Space at 15 Mar Street – opening hours can be found here.

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