Dog Rehoming Story: I have a reason to get up in the morning

Nov 30, 2021 | Latest News

Millie (left) and Mia (right) were adopted by their mum, KCH, when she came to Give a Dog a Bone for help toward the cost of the dog rehoming fee.

“Mia jumped straight into my arms and gave me tummy” 

Two small dogs sitting together outside

Millie and Mia are sisters who were found by their mum when her beloved shih tzu passed and was looking to home a new pet companion.  While searching, she was introduced to our loneliness and animal charity by a contact who told her Give a Dog a Bone could help, as she was struggling financially.

After finding the sisters through the SSPCA, KCH applied to Give a Dog a Bone to help her with the cost of the animal rehoming fee so she could adopt them both.  Their mum very sadly died of COVID and she didn’t want to separate them.

A new family:

Once Mia and Millie arrived, they were fabulous, with Mia straight away showing how comfortable she was when she jumped in her mummy’s lap immediately for a tummy rub.  Millie took a couple of days, but when she woke up on the second morning, she too approached for a tummy rub and mum burst into tears.

They settled in very quickly and became a close family unit almost immediately.


“Millie gets up on my desk and nuzzles my neck until I turn round and give her cuddles.  Mia sometimes holds my hand to go to sleep”

A new routine:

Every day, Mia and Millie wait for their mum to wake up and after they greet her in the morning they go back to bed for an hour or so whilst mum gets organised for the day.  They know exactly where all the toys are kept in the garden shed, sitting beside it in the garden every day hinting that it’s time to play.

They have two parks they like to visit regularly, visiting at least one every day together where they run and play with their friends, and mum gets to chat to the other dog parents.

They love to cuddle into mum while she knits in the afternoon, and in the evenings, they get fresh air during an after dinner walk before it’s back home for a wrestling match and then bed.


“I watch the evening news then snuggle down and turn off the TV – Millie waits for it be dark then I feel a little body creeping up beside me – she thinks I don’t notice”

Two small dogs asleep in dog bed

KCH told us life has changed in a way that brings her lots more cuddles and fun since Mia and Millie arrived.

When asked how they make her feel, KCH replied:


“I have a reason to get up in the morning”

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