Do you match older people with animals?

No, we don’t match people with pets as standard. 90% of people would normally be able to find an animal by going to their local rescue, looking on line or by asking a family member to help them!

However, if an older adult has no family support, no transport, and no access to internet, then we will always try to point them in the right direction.

*IMPORTANT UPDATE – COVID has made it very difficult to find dogs for anyone, of any age. These are not normal times and it may take people longer than usual to find their perfect pet.


Do you provide financial support to the over 60s to adopt a rescue pet?

Yes, we do! The person must be 60+ and money must be a genuine barrier to adopting ie they could not do so without our intervention. The application process is a telephone call and a form to establish eligibility.

PLEASE NOTE we only support the adoption of rescue pets – never privately purchased animals.


What animals are eligible for financial support?

Any rescue animal is covered by our financial process – cat, dog, rabbit, hen, as deemed reasonable by the Trustees.


What does the financial support cover? Is this purely food costs or do you cover pet insurance, vet fees and other treatments?

We can provide the rehoming fee for any rescue animal (as above) and, if necessary, continue to support, on a monthly basis, with the cost of pet food and/or insurance costs.

We do not pay vet bills. This is not our charitable proposition and therefore we do not offer this support.

The RSPCA have created a guide for potential sources of financial assistance with vet bills. You can view this information by clicking the link below:

RSPCA – Veterinary Financial Assistance Guide

Some of these sources will be available across the UK but some may be specific to individual countries within the UK.


Would you support an individual who already owned a pet but whose circumstances had changed and was unable to continue to afford the cost?

Yes, we can, and do already, support people who already have an animal (rescue or not) but whose financial circumstances have changed.


Are you a rescue operation?

No, we are not a rescue operation as we do not have rescue facilities and do not offer animals for adoption. We are an independent charity providing financial support to the over 60s to adopt a rescue pet companion.

About us

Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home is a young, unique and award winning charity, supporting the over 60s to afford a rescue pet companion.

We aim to tackle loneliness for the individual and homelessness for the animal, by removing financial barriers to an over 60s person adopting a rescue animal.

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