Fireworks and Pets

Oct 21, 2021 | Seasonal, Latest News


Bonfire Night – 5th November

The time of year is fast approaching and, whether you love them or hate them, fireworks will be here before we know it! Companion animals in general don’t like loud noises and are often afraid of fireworks.

There are some things you can try to help keep your pet calm, these may be useful during fireworks or other noisy events, as well as other events that pets may find stressful – house moves and people or animals visiting, among other things.

Give a Dog a Bone and an animal a home | Community Spaces

Keep pets indoors after dark

Fireworks are usually set off after dark. This is not always the case, but most of the noise will take place in the evening and at night.

  • If you have a dog, plan to walk them before dark and try to avoid taking them out while there are fireworks going off.
  • It’s best to bring all cats indoors before the fireworks start, otherwise they might get scared or lost due to the noise.
  • Small animals kept outdoors or in outbuildings, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, should be brought indoors and placed as far away from the noise as possible.

Feed your pet before dark

If your pet is worried, they might not want to eat.

Build a Den

A den can be in the quietest area of your house, or in your pet’s favourite room. Dog crates make ideal dens, you can use blankets to cover them, or purchase a dog crate cover, to help your pet feel safe, cosy, and enclosed. You can surround your pet with their favourite bed and blankets in their den.

Covered dog crate containing a dog bed
Covered dog crate with dog sittiing in it on a dog bed
Covered crate, door cover down
Small, tan coloured dog lying on a flower patterned dog bed

Don’t leave your pet alone

Your pet will feel more secure and less anxious if they know you’re nearby.

Keep them Busy

Playing games and rewarding your pet can help keep their mind off the noises.

Constant, Low-Level Sound

Having the TV or Radio playing around the house, especially in the room your pet is spending time in, can be helpful. Classical music can have calming effects for animals; Classic FM and Spotify have both created playlists to help calm pets. Avoid loud noises, drastic changes in sound, or having the volume too high, as this might make your pet feel more stressed.

Let your Pet Hide

If your pet wants to hide away somewhere in the house, you should let them. If they’re safe indoors they’ll come out when they’re ready.

Reassure your Pet

Animals are amazing at picking up on how humans are feeling. If you stay calm, and there for your pet, your pet is more likely to stay as calm as possible. Great excuse for cosying up together on the couch!

woman sitting on a couch with a small black dog lying on her lap

What can you do if your pet is still afraid?

Even with the suggestions above, some animals might be very afraid and need additional treatments, you should contact your vet for further advice. If your pet requires longer term help, your vet may be able to recommend a suitable behaviourist.

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