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Jan 17, 2022 | Latest News, Uncategorised

Blue Monday has been described as the most depressing or difficult day of the year, but people can experience low mood or feelings of loneliness at any time.

Our charity started with the idea that the love of a rescue pet companion can contribute to reducing the feelings of loneliness that some people might feel later in life.  Since 2013, our charity has been offering financial support to people over 60 across the UK to help them afford an animal companion.

We’ve since evolved our offering and today older adults can engage with us through a variety of free activities all designed to help them make new friends, learn new skills and enjoy the friendship of our Companionship Dogs.

If you’re over 60, here’s what you can take part in through our charity for free:

Spend time with our Companionship Dogs:

Man sitting in a chair facing and smiling at the camera, with a small white and grey dog on his knee

We have three Community Spaces in Scotland – Shawlands, Troon and Alloa – where you’re welcome to come in for free and spend time with our Companionship Dogs. 

This is ideal for anyone who would love a pet of their own, but for whatever reason is unable to care for one full time at home.

Our Companionship Dogs are always excited for visitors.  

Join a Group Dog Walk:

Group Dog Walk

Getting outside for some fresh air and time in nature can really help lift your mood, as well as spending time with other people.  That’s why we welcome anyone from the local community to join us for an hour each week on one of our Group Dog Walks

You don’t have to have your own dog, you can always get a wee shot of ours.  

Visit a Community Space:

Man, woman and two dogs standing outside charity shop

Our Community Spaces are designed to be a place where you can come in for a chat with our staff and volunteers! 

It’s a very open, welcoming space where you’ll be greeted with a big smile and offered a free cuppa when you arrive. 

Don’t be afraid to pop in, our team are very friendly and look forward to seeing you.

Take part in a group activity:

Spanish class

We have an ever evolving programme of free activities to entertain you, help you meet new people and also learn new skills. 

Activities like Spanish Class and Chair Yoga are firm favorites, and we like to mix it up so there is a variety of things to do.

Relax with a therapy treatment:

Give a Dog a Bone and an animal a home | Individual Therapies | Community Spaces

Reiki and Reflexology are both relaxing and can be beneficial to help you reduce stress.  We have private therapy rooms at our Community Spaces for you to enjoy some time to yourself in a calming environment.

Join an activity over Zoom:

Give a Dog a Bone and an animal a home | Dog Walk | Douglas

We deliver group activities over Zoom for anyone not able to visit our Community Spaces.  

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