Why gift a donation to an animal on our monthly support scheme?

We help keep older adults and their pet companions together by helping with the monthly costs associated with caring for their animal, like food and pet insurance. 

It costs us around £30 per month for each of the animals on our monthly support scheme, which can add up to thousands over that animals lifetime.  You can make a contribution towards this through your gift. 

How does it work?

Please fill out the form, select whether you’d like to contribute monthly or pay a one-off donation, and when you click the Buy Gift button you will be taken to PayPal to set up the payment.

What happens next?

We’ll post out a certificate and a card addressed to the recipient, explaining that you have gifted toward an animal’s care on their behalf, along with a GADAB car sticker and pen!  Just let us know on the form which address you would like us to post this out to.

Sponsor the Care of an Animal on our Monthly Support Scheme

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Enter the name of the recipient, and tell us which address to post the gift to

Tell us which address you would like us to post the gift to
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Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home respects your privacy. We do not sell, rent or share your personal data with other organisations for their marketing purposes.

If you would like to change the way we contact you, stop receiving communications or wish to request the removal of any information about you from our website please email hello@giveadogabone.net.

About us

Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home is a young, unique and award winning charity, supporting the over 60s to afford a rescue pet companion.

We aim to tackle loneliness for the individual and homelessness for the animal, by removing financial barriers to an over 60s person adopting a rescue animal.

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