We would like to reach more retired people in our area and offer companionship, via dogs, and SO we are holding weekly Group Dog Walks!

Everyone is welcome to join, if you have a friend or family member who:

  1. Has a dog and would love the social interaction of meeting new friends…
  2. Doesn’t have a dog but loves animals and would love the social interaction, as above…

Then this is the group for them!!

“I look forward to the dog walk. It gives me a chance to meet other people. When you’re older, you don’t often get the chance to socialise with others. Dog walking on your own can be a rather solitary activity. I also feel good because my wee dog enjoys it too. It gives her a chance to meet other dogs and meet new people, which she loves. It makes me feel good to see her happy!

The dog walk is very much looked forward to. So, thank you very much to Give a Dog a Bone for a regular event I can put in my diary. It gives Misty and I something to look forward to and the walks are a social highlight for us!!”

Marlene (73)

“My father and I joined the Give a Dog a Bone group to experience something different and we were blown away! The group is a great way to meet new people (and dogs!), socialise and relax on a sunny day. If you have the time, I highly recommend coming along…”

Eric, on behalf of Father, Eric (71)

“I don’t have my own dog, so it’s great fun walking a dog and meeting new people – it gives me the feel good factor!!”

Marion (67)

Time & Place:


The Group Dog Walks take place in Queens Park, Glasgow every Tuesday at 11am.

Meeting Place: Public benches outside Langside Hall.

Come along and meet everyone ❤️.

As we have limited seating in our Community Space priority will be given to those aged over 60 wishing to return to the space after our walks.

If you have any questions, please email hello@giveadogabone.net.


The Group Dog Walks take place along the promenade, Troon, every Friday at 1pm.

Meeting Place: In front of South Beach Kiosk.

If you have any questions, please email hello@giveadogabone.net.

“My brothers and I have tried many times over the years to encourage Mum to participate in various clubs. We visit her every day, but we also work and we know she can get lonely.

Her dog, Daisy, keeps her company but she doesn’t like leaving Daisy behind when she goes out, so she has never really stuck with any of the groups or clubs that we suggest.

Now, she regularly attends the Give a Dog a Bone dog walk. She was unsure about starting something new at first, but now she loves the dog walks and the people in the group!!

It gets her out of the house and gives her the exercise that she wouldn’t normally get – for her and for Daisy! Plus she loves the opportunity to meet new people and have a walk and a chat. The whole family think that this dog walk is a great addition to her life!”

Colin, on behalf of Mum, Jan (78)

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