HELP us to open up a new Community Space!

Aug 28, 2018 | Crowdfunder, Fundraising, Community Space, Latest News

4 years ago, I set up the Give a Dog a Bone charity – a unique charity – supporting the over 60s to afford a rescue pet companion.

It has been a great success, with hundreds of rescue animals and their ‘older’ human companions enabled to have a happier life – together ❤

Over the years, I began to realise that we had a real opportunity to do more within communities – that loneliness was prevalent and many retired people had no where to go and few people to talk to…

So, in January of this year, with the support of our Trustees, I decided to open a community space in Glasgow, called Companionship in the Community…

A friendly and welcoming space for Seniors, offering social and canine companionship.

I’m delighted to say it has been a HUGE success with retired people in, and beyond, the area saying having the Community Space has changed their lives!!!

So, the concept works and we would LOVE to make our project accessible to many more people!!

I’m creating this Crowdfunder to generate £20,000 towards our second community space which will be in another City to be decided – accessing a whole new group of individuals who need support!

If we raise the full £20,000, we will be awarded an additional £5,000 from Legal & General, so we’ve got to try make it happen.

If you ever thought about donating to Give a Dog a Bone but never seem to get around to it – NOW is the time!!

And if you’re one of those lovely folk who support us already, please know that the charity would simply not exist without you all ❤️


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