In the Press: Finding a Purr-fect Match with Animal Rehoming

Jun 23, 2016 | Latest News, In the Press

Below is an article featured in Living it Up, a health, well-being and self-management website for people over 50 in Scotland who may be living with long term conditions.

Give a Dog a Bone is a charity which helps elderly people in need of companionship to connect with pets who need a home. After doing some research online, Lynda reached out to the charity and found friendship and a new addition to her family: Rory the cat.

“I saw the Facebook page because I’ve always been fascinated by animals. I love them all and really missed having a pet around. I kept liking posts that were on that page. An animal came up and with some trepidation I put myself forward to be the owner and replied to the post. I was over the moon when Louise replied, and then we met up.”

For animal-lover Lynda, it was finances that stopped her from having a pet patter about the house. She told us that older people are great pet owners because they have the time and patience to dedicate to looking after them and treating them well, but many people are put off by pet food prices and vet bills.

“I didn’t have any money to spare, so when my beloved cat died it wasn’t right for me to get another. Living without an animal is heartbreaking. It is a huge loss. I couldn’t believe it when GADAB came forward. I was so happy because they paid the rehoming fee for me. When people are older they often have more time, and the only thing that stops them is the lack of funds.”

Lynda adopted Bengal cat Rory:

rory“He’s a beautiful animal, the most affectionate little creature. He’s just turned three. He’s part of the family, Rory McFrame, and a great companion. He sleeps through the night and wakes me up in the morning. I’m at home most of the time and I’ve got a wee pal.”

Having Rory in her life has helped Lynda in lots of ways and given her a much more positive outlook on life:

“Having a pet means you have a purpose; you belong to the planet again. When you’re with an animal – the problems you have lessen. Animals are so trusting and loyal; they can help you mentally and physically.”

It’s not just Rory who has come into Lynda’s life: she’s also found a new friend in charity founder Louise Russell, and is brimming with compliments about her.

“I couldn’t believe what an amazing person she is. I didn’t feel at all embarrassed. I was really impressed by her. When I picked up Rory, she met me in the borders at the pet rescue centre, then she drove us all the way to Edinburgh. She is just so thoughtful and caring.”

For other people who fancy getting a pet but are worried by the costs, Lynda says you should definitely look into Give a Dog a Bone:

“Don’t hesitate in applying and let people know you’re looking – it doesn’t have to be a dog – rabbits, chickens and birds sometimes come along, and every animal deserves a home. They’ll get good advice and support from Louise.”

Click here to read our interview with charity founder Louise Russell. For more information about the charity, click here. To browse the Facebook page, click here.

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