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Jul 20, 2015 | Latest News, In the Press

Article by Sally Ann Rowland on

I am sure there are plenty of animal charities out there that do amazing jobs – but I have to admit when I saw a post today on Face book, I clicked on the Charity’s actual website and I went – aww … how wonderful is that!

The name of the charity is “Give a Dog a Bone”. It is based in Scotland and is a relatively new charity having been granted charitable status in November 2013. But what I love about their mission (and to quote from their own website)

We will support the local elderly population – who are struggling to afford to feed their pets – by providing help with their monthly pet food costs. Our hope is that this will prevent this group from handing their beloved pets into over-crowded shelters.

We will support the local elderly population – who are unable to afford a pet – to benefit from the love of an animal. If they choose to re-home an animal from a shelter, we can pay for all associated re-homing fees, whilst providing on-going monthly support with pet food costs.

You see, why I LOVE this idea, is that for a lot of 60+ people – many are already retired, (I know it’s getting rarer and rarer), but don’t always have the funds to pay for everything to do with animal adoption, yet they have a lot of hands on time – and a home – that they would love to share with an animal companion. Not only that, there are a lot of seniors who are widowed, so often end up being a little bit lonely in their homes once friends and family leave after a visit- then there are those without families or many friends.

I think it works out great for both the animals and the seniors. The animals are no longer left in some cage at a shelter or rescue operation (which costs money to run), and the senior adopter gets to have a full time buddy. How cool is that?

Now I know from the things I have read, and seen posted all over the Internet, one of the biggest concerns with ‘adoption’ is ‘can you afford the vet fees in future should they be needed?’ Well, that’s a genuine question, but if we had to worry about our financial situation in the future, many of us would simply stay home, do nothing, spend nothing etc.

You can’t foresee the future, and in fact so many people find themselves in dire straits financially through situations out of their control that they end up having to surrender their much loved pets because they really have no access to the money required these days FOR veterinary care, so I think that’s a pretty lame reason for NOT letting a good person or family adopt a pet. Money isn’t always everything, but a good heart, compassion and the ability to provide a loving home for an otherwise unwanted animal IS.

This is something I know would be wonderful here in Canada.

So if you think this is a great idea, please do check them out.

Article by Sally Ann Rowland on

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