Pet Rehoming Success Stories

Our dog, cat & pet rehoming success stories make all of our hard work worthwhile.


Benji’s Dad, Jim, died this time last year…

In his time of need, the charity found him a loving home with Vera, seen here…

But Benji passed over recently.

Here’s a wee note from Vera’s daughter, Yvonne:

“Sadly we lost Benji to cancer.

My mum and I were absolutely devastated.  We loved him greatly and miss him so much.

He was such a beautiful wee dog with a big personality and brought such happiness into our lives in a short space of time.

Although we didn’t have him for long, we certainly don’t regret taking him and giving him a home.

He had a happy wee life with my mum and he made us very happy.

So, thank you from my mum and I – it was a pleasure to know Benji…

We just wish we had longer with him but he’s been reunited with his Daddy now xx”

Where would we be without the kind hearts that give these wee souls a second chance?


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