Pet Rehoming Success Stories

Our dog, cat & pet rehoming success stories make all of our hard work worthwhile.

Charlie, Annabel and Kira

Rehoming fee PAID so that Kira can start a new life with Charlie (61) and Annabel ❤️


‘We can offer a comfortable, safe and loving home to a dog in need.

A dog would be beneficial to us both as it would provide encouragement to be out and about on a lot more walks.

If you could give us help to rehome a dog in need it would be appreciated by both of us and ultimately by the animal in question too!’


‘Kira is a brilliant girl considering the life she has had!

She loves people and just wants cuddles!

We enjoy our walks with her and she is already making a positive impact on our mental and physical health… and BOY, do we need it!’

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