Pet Rehoming Success Stories

Our dog, cat & pet rehoming success stories make all of our hard work worthwhile.




“I live in my own and I have become very isolated and quite nervous about going out to parks – it feels strange to be on my own in a park, so I don’t go and so I don’t get enough exercise.

I know from experience that a dog is company, to chat to and to snuggle up with in the evenings.

Having a dog would mean that I have a reason to get up, dressed and go out and walk in the park.  This would really help with my stress and anxiety.

It’s so great to chat to other dog owners and strike up friendships.

Having a dog will give me reassurance and I will sleep better at night.”


“I have renamed her Frida, she was so nervous that it took her an hour to come and take a treat out of my hand that first meeting.

Fast forward 12 days on, she is totally relaxed with me, has been clean in the house, snuggles up at every opportunity and really enjoys playing with her toys.

She has bonded with my two daughters and always so happy to see them whenever we meet up.

She is such a delight to have around and she really lifts my spirits!

I don’t have any photos of me and her yet, I will send you one when I do.

I can’t thank you enough for helping bring Frida into my life, she is just the perfect dog for me.”

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