Success Stories

Prince and Duke

Prince and Duke spent a lifetime with each other, and their family. But, when Mum died, Dad moved abroad and put them in the pound… The pound is a scary place for dogs and their lives were literally at risk if they did not find a rescue space quick!! When we heard their story we knew we had to try to help!

Give a Dog a Bone… and an animal a home is not a rescue and, so, we could not offer them a rescue space. So we called our friends at Islay Dog Rescue.  We made a deal that, we would pay for their care, if Islay Dog Rescue gave them rescue space. Well, Lorraine and Richard at IDR gave the boys more than rescue!

They gave them love and hope and, slowly, rebuilt their trust and confidence. I’m happy to say that the boys now have the most wonderful retirement home, after several months waiting for the perfect family to give them a chance.

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