Pet Rehoming Success Stories

Our dog, cat & pet rehoming success stories make all of our hard work worthwhile.

Simone and Jonah

“I’ve always had a rescue dog and, at times, rescue cats too.

Being unemployed when my last dog died, I knew I couldn’t afford to take another dog on.

When I moved away from my son and family, and their regular visits, I felt very isolated and alone.

I feel safer having a dog with me…

I’m fostering a dog at the moment – he is a real companion and it’s lovely to have someone to care for again.

I’ve grown to love the little character he has become.

I didn’t realise how much it would cost to adopt him – that is why I am asking for help.

He is the first ever animal that I’ve had to find money to have.

Now I’m retired, I’ve had to use every scrap of savings I have, just to survive…”

The charity was delighted to pay Jonah’s rehoming fee and this photograph was taken on the day Simone officially adopted him.❤️


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