Pet Rehoming Success Stories

Our dog, cat & pet rehoming success stories make all of our hard work worthwhile.


Never underestimate how much stopping to talk to a stranger can make a difference…

Last week, wheelchair bound Mike was in the park with his staffie Suede.

He happened to mention to a lady how Suede needs spayed, but he can’t afford it, and she said –

“What about Give a Dog a Bone?”

The result?

60+ Mike has applied for financial support and, not only has the charity agreed to pay for Suedes operation, Mike is now in receipt of monthly financial support towards Suede’s dog food.

Mike says:

“I’ve been disabled for 9 years now and use a mobility powered chair which costs £45 a week.

Sometimes I go without food for myself, so I can feed my dog.

Thank you so much your support and for helping me with Suede and please thank your charity supporters too.”

All because of a stranger…

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