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Are you a business, organisation or company looking to do good for a local charity?

Whether it’s a one-off donation or a long-term partnership, there are many ways you can support our mission.

Download our Corporate Partnerships Info Pack below to learn about our partnership packages and bespoke opportunities.

Learn about our partnership packages and bespoke opportunities.

“My life has changed drastically since getting my dog. His name is “Broxi” I now have a very dear friend and a loyal dog. I have a purpose in life. He has given me a purpose in life.”

Ken Allan

Reggie - Illustration by LAW Illustrates

Why Support Us

Your support can provide a person over 60 with:

  • An animal companion: you’ll be giving the individual a friend and the animal a home
  • Community Spaces: where we offer group activities and relaxing therapy treatments
  • A daily routine: caring for an animal through daily feeds and walks
  • Connection to others: making new friends with other over 60s, staff and volunteers at our Community Spaces
  • Daily exercise; getting out into nature and local parks for a walk with their companion
  • A sense of purpose: providing love and care for their animal friend
  • New confidence: our services help the over 60s re-engage with their community, learn new skills and make new friends

We’d love to work with you:

We’re bursting with ideas and love to work with people who support our mission in tackling loneliness for over 60s and animal homelessness.

Depending on the size of your organisation, level of partnership or bespoke relationship we have with you – we’re able to support your efforts in many ways.

Download our ‘Corporate Partnerships Information Pack’

Download Corporate Partnerships Info Pack

Corporate Partnerships Information Pack

To understand the full scope of who we are, what we do, and the many ways your organisation can support us, download our ‘Corporate Partnerships Information Pack’ by filling out the form below.

About us

Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home is a young, unique and award winning charity, supporting the over 60s to afford a rescue pet companion.

We aim to tackle loneliness for the individual and homelessness for the animal, by removing financial barriers to an over 60s person adopting a rescue animal.

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