“I would just like to say how fantastic Louise and ‘Give the Dog A Bone’ have been in helping me find a new home for my mums dog (Bonnie). I found myself in the position of having to re home her after my mum took a stoke and had to go into a care home. Bonnie was her sole companion for 15 years, so I had to make sure I found her the ‘perfect’ home. Louise helped put my mind at rest, placed an advert on Facebook and then vetted all the interested dog lovers that responded. She even kept in touch all the way through her

Four weeks later we have now found a great home for Bonnie, which is huge relief, as I can now tell my mum that she is being well looked after and not to worry about her. Thank you for all your help Louise.”

“After losing my husband, and then my dog of 16 and a half years, I was very lonely and thought I might give a good home to another little dog, but my income reductions were causing me to worry that I wouldn’t be able to afford one.

I saw an advertisement for Give a Dog a Bone and asked my daughter to contact them on my behalf.

That’s when ‘Bobby’ came into my life, the charity put us in touch with his owner – as he had become ill and unable to look after him anymore.

The charity offered financial help towards Bobby’s care and now I have companionship and a new lease of life.

I’m meeting people daily on our walks and Bobby is also socialising more, thanks to Give a Dog a Bone!”

“I would just like to say how much you help me to feed my hounds.
If it wasn’t for your very kind help, I would not be able to keep them all!
You’re an angel and my hero!!
Your help has saved my life – the hounds give me a reason to get up and go out.
I’ve met so many people to talk to while walking them all.
Once again thank you.”
Jennifer Joyce

“When my brother died suddenly, leaving behind 2 elderly dogs – Jack and Scrufty – my family and I were, of course, heartbroken at our loss but equally concerned for the welfare of his beloved companions.

Ironically, his wife had died in similar circumstances almost 3 years previously and the dogs were his last link to her.

Unfortunately no one in our family could offer them a home, so I turned to Give a Dog a Bone for assistance…

Without hesitation, Louise responded to my request and within days Jack and Scrufty’s plight was featured on the charity facebook page.

The response was unbelievable and, minutes later, offers of a new home were received!!

A lovely lady who lived locally contacted the charity expressing her wish to be Jack and Scrufty’s new family.

We moved forward slowly, and an initial meeting was arranged for everyone to meet face to face – it was important that the family and dogs were introduced without any obligation.

Happily I can report everything went well and Jack and Scrufty are making themselves at home in their new surroundings and receiving the love and attention they deserve!

On behalf of my family, I can’t thank Louise and the charity enough for their help, we are so grateful.

The response from the public was overwhelming – thank you to everyone who offered to help and voiced their sympathy, it was appreciated.”

Christine Ronaldson

“I contacted Louise at Give a Dog a Bone to ask for some help for my elderly grandparents who had quite suddenly become unable to walk their dog Jac. Within a day she had found the lovely Tracey who contacted my grandparents straight away and arranged to come and meet them all.

Jac had become agitated, yappy and overweight due to a lack of exercise. My grandparents were really upset about potentially having to rehome him due to their changed circumstances. Having had dogs their whole lives and rescued a number of dogs over the years they did not want to do this. But now he is a different dog. He sits eagerly waiting for Tracey in the mornings and loves his time out with her and the other dogs each day. He then comes home and is loving and affectionate towards my grandparents once again.

We cannot thank Louise, Tracey and Give a Dog a Bone enough.”

Thank you from all of us X

“I was reading Facebook looking at photographs and posts of cats and wishing that I could have a cat again. I was thinking that this was not possible in my current financial situation when I came across a charity on Facebook called Give a Dog a Bone. I read the post and realised it was possible after all! I sent a private message to the charity and was delighted to hear that they could help by giving me money each month towards food or insurance. In a very short time I rescued my lovely little, mostly white, calico cat named Rosy.

Having a cat is ideal for anyone. To watch their little antics is a pure joy. Having a cat nearby reduces stress levels, for me at least! Dealing with the lady involved with the charity is so easy and a pleasure. This lady would go out of her way to assist both the humans and animals which are waiting for a home. She not only has a brain that she uses but she also has a huge heart of gold, thankfully. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have come across this wonderful charity. I cannot recommend this charity highly enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the spoiled happy sunny little face of Rosy.”

Lynda Frame

“Without Give a Dog a Bone, I would not have been able to find the amazing new family for my little biscon felix, who we had to rehome due to family illness. This charity are also looking into supporting my parents financially with their senior dog and trying to arrange a volunteer dog walker for them!! You are truly an amazing and selfless charity.”
Kathleen Small

“The house was so quiet. My old dog had just died and I was being lazy! The Sash came into my life. Within two hours, he knew every move I made, even before I did! His tail just never stops wagging!!

He’s a lovely, big, cuddly friend, who seems to have been in my life forever!”

Winnie MacVicker

“My mum was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Her health has deteriorated terribly over that time making it very difficult for her to care for her life long best friend Oliver. Her first hospital admission prompted us to enquire about foster care as I felt that between my mum, kids, job and hospital visits I couldn’t give Oliver the time he needed. Within a day of asking give a dog a bone to help I was told a lovely family wanted to help.

I took Oliver to their home that weekend and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have such lovely people looking after Oliver. It took all the stress away for us and my mum didn’t have to worry about him. Unfortunately her health will not get better and we had to make the terrible decision to let him go. However knowing that he is with the most amazing people made it more bearable. We’ll always miss him but we know he is loved. We’d never have found them without give a dog a bone.”

Lesley Wilson

“I am a carer for my husband who has a serious medical condition. We are 60 and 67 years young. We have no immediate family nearby.

We have great neighbours who help when they can. However,they do have work and family commitments so are not always available. We have a small dog, Timmy, he is 15 years young and has never been away from us much at all and has never been in kennels either.

We have a carers emergency plan in place which will be activated when required.  We haven’t need to so far.

Last month however, my health deteriorated and I was in hospital for a week. My stay in hospital made me realise our present short term  arrangement for Timmy being looked after wasn’t really suitable due to the change in my health.

I had heard about the Give a Dog a Bone charity and I telephoned for help. I spoke to a lovely lady called Louise. She told me that although the charity doesn’t foster pets themselves, she may be able to help.

Help, she certainly did.

I supplied a photo of Timmy and Louise posted my situation on the charity Facebook page. Within a couple of days I was set up with a lovely lady who agreed to foster Timmy at very short notice and as long as required. This arrangements is now part of our emergency plan and will be activated at the same time.

I am so relieved Timmy will be well looked after if needed, that is great worry off my mind.

Thank you so much to Louise and Give a Dog a Bone charity, I don’t know what we would have done without all your help. So very much appreciated.”

Christine Nicoletti

“I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Louise for the help and support she provided at a very difficult time.

Her true dedication and commitment to being there to help when needed the most has enabled Pippa to find a wonderful home , and the story has the perfect ending beyond what I could have hoped for.

Keep up the great work as you are really making a difference!”

Jenny Dima

“I’d like to say a massive thanks to Louise and giveadogabone.net for all their help!

My mother-in-law passed away recently leaving my father-in-law (who has dementia) and their border collie dog, Suzy.

After finding my father in law a home we needed to look for a new forever home for their dog and contacted Give a Dog a Bone and Louise put out a post on their page…

There was a great response and Louise was very patient with me and went through the list giving me each individuals story.

We contacted a few people who, for one reason or another, were not the correct fit for Suzy but on the 3rd try we found the perfect match!!

Suzy is now happy in her new home – on an unused farm – local to me, with new doggy friends, who she gets along with!!

Her new owner is lovely and her and her children fell in love with Suzy after a weekend trial and have even offered that, if we want to, we can take Suzy to see my Father in law in his home!!!

So lovely of her!

All the while Louise was in contact with me asking how things were going and she had the same goal, as we did, which was to find a perfect forever home for Suzy after her very emotional few months….

Happy people and happy doggies all round!

Thank you Give a Dog a Bone x”


“I want to thank you so much for helping me to find my soulmate, Buzz.

I can’t tell you how much this wee dog has changed my life! All of a sudden I’ve got routine and purpose in my life!

I would recommend this to anyone who’s alone and without any direction or purpose in life.

The rewards from owning a pet are multiple. Health-wise but, more importantly, mentally and emotionally! I’m in awe of Louise for having the foresight to team up us lonely folk with the unconditional love of a pet!

Many animals will be saved from death!

Please consider – What have you got to lose!

“I can’t thank the Give a Dog a Bone charity enough for helping me to rehome my late mother’s elderly cats.

I was really struggling to get any interest from shelters due to the cats ages (16) and was starting to worry they were going to spend the rest of their lives caged, without an owner.

On recommendation, I contacted Give a Dog a Bone and they provided a means for me to contact people who were interested in elderly feline companions.

I was totally overwhelmed with the responses and eventually the cats were rehomed.

I’m so pleased that, at this difficult time, I know that the cats will be well looked after, in a loving home.

Thanks again!!”

Lindsay Gunn

Give a Dog a Bone… and an animal a home not only gives a new lease of life for the elderly by enabling them to afford pets but also provides peace of mind for those who are no longer able to look after their own.

I was sitting one day with Lynda (who was suffering from terminal cancer and has since passed). She had spent a lifetime with dogs – they were her true passion. Her concern at that time was her own dogs’ future.

I mentioned Give a Dog a Bone and their excellent work and her ears pricked up immediately. To cut a long story short, her 2 remaining Golden Retrievers were found happy homes with lovely families.

This brought true peace of mind to Lynda. I myself have one of her other rescues and we talked a lot about how wonderful this charity is, in that it places animals in homes primarily with the elderly.

A win win in that the dog has a happy home and that the humans, if they have been lonely, have a reason to go out. Be mindful that the elderly often see no-one for days. I saw Lynda not long before she passed and she was completely at peace now that her beloved animals were all in happy loving homes.

Issy Warrack, Friend of Family, Edinburgh

“4Angels Animal Rescue would like to give a big thank you to Give a Dog a Bone for all their help and valuable experience working alongside us. They have found homes for 4 of our vulnerable dogs, continue to support us by posting other dogs on their site and have backed us up with the invaluable service of carrying out homechecks to ensure our dogs go to the best possible homes! From the minute we contacted them, the support, help and advice we received was backed by highly professional and experienced people who were always just a click away.”
4Angels Animal Rescue

“It’s been my delight and pleasure to work alongside Give a Dog a Bone. From the very outset, their compassion for the animals has shone through but, at the same time, this has been mixed with professionalism, approachability and easy communication in all our work together!

Some of our most vulnerable dogs are now in, or on their way, to better lives – thanks to support from this wonderful charity. On top of that, good advice and moral support are only at the click of a keyboard away. Indeed, it can be a lonely life in rescue. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only person on the planet up against it for the animals.

With a Give a Dog a Bone, it’s so good to know that there’s always someone there to hold a hand, or a paw! Thank you Give a Dog a Bone – you rock!!”

Hilary Anderson, Founder, Romanian Rescue Dogs, Scotland

“My life is so much better since I got my best friend Rufus, he is such a character!

I can now go walks which keeps me fit and active and feeling better in myself. I love seeing him run around and enjoying life knowing I’m the one (along with the charities) who helped make that happen.

Above all he is great company, as I live on my own. We are each others comfort blanket and I feel safe knowing he is around. I can’t imagine life without my dog – he is everything I could wish for. Thank you to all the people who helped bring him to me – Louise you’re doing a great job!

Lorraine Carnegie

“Give a Dog a Bone is a wonderful Charity, who helped us bring a small Romanian rescue dog to Scotland. Both my husband & I are senior citizens and we lost our wee yorkie of 10 the previous year and missed her so much but we could not afford the initial outlay of a new dog.

Give a Dog a Bone came to our rescue and payed the adoption fee & travel costs for Pippin to come to us, which we are so grateful for.

I’m sure we were meant for each other. She is such a great wee dog & has settled in so well here.

Kate Coutts

“I would so love to tell everyone of the marvelous work Louise does in her charity!!

Her tireless work got me my little dog Bailey!

I love Bailey and he is beginning to love me in return!

He was a VERY traumatised little boy, but he is beginning to trust again – all credit to Louise!

Give a Dog a Bone paid his re-homing fee and got me all the essentials for Bailey, which helped a lot! Wonderful charity I can vouch for.”

Moira Clark

“My life with my new friend, yellow Labrador Bruce.  I experienced an emptiness and great loneliness since losing my last dog a year ago.  Having always had retired dogs and obviously having them pass away, I knew the joy they gave me, and the good life nearing their end I could give them.So when a friend said to look on Facebook at the charity and look at Bruce, wow! It was love at first sight, and when we met a week later we just bonded.

Everyone loves this big lad, he goes to old folks homes and is such a darling. Boy did he save me from depression, now we walk at least 4 times a day and we are a partnership.I could never praise the charity more highly for the good works they do, just wish I could help them more to assist in helping other older folks out there. If you find yourself in my position, look no further than ‘give a dog a bone’ your life will be wonderful with your new companion, God bless all who help this charity, so worthwhile.”

Eleanor Hamilton

My Gran’s beloved family pet passed away last year at the age of 19.

At first she was adamant that she wouldn’t have another pet as the pain of Shep passing was too much but, after some time, she felt like she needed company.

As my Gran is elderly and not in the best health, she wanted an older dog who would be happy living out his days by the fire, in comfort.

I tried several rescue charities but had no luck. Someone then mentioned Give a Dog a Bone.

I had a read over their page and thought it sounded great. I quickly messaged the page and started chatting to Louise.

Louise was lovely, very kind and easy to talk to.  She wasted no time in taking details as to what my Gran was looking for and took even less time to find the dog that was made for my Gran!

Louise had contacted a rescue and by the end of the day we had found Travis – a three legged bundle of love!!

I made arrangements with the rescue operation and Travis was to come and meet my gran by the end of the week.

Needless to say she fell head over heels in love with him!  It took massive pressure off of my Gran to know that Give a Dog a Bone would be paying a huge chunk of the rehoming costs – as she is of a certain age and on a low income.

Travis has now settled in rightly and it’s as if he has always been part of the family.  He has truly came out of his shell and his cheekiness brings that sparkle back to my grans eyes, that had left when Shep passed away.

I cannot thank Louise and the charity enough for the time, dedication and wonderful work they do.  It truly is a great cause and I have never been so happy to have contacted someone!!

From all the family and Travis, Thank you.


“Give a Dog a Bone have been a literal lifeline to myself and my wee rescue dog.

Little Frida had been quite traumatised by her experiences of life before she came to live with me. She had never lived in a house, walked on a lead, played with a toy or had many good experiences with people.

Shes a wee darling really but very nervous and barky with anything or anyone new.

Give a Dog a Bone have been there every time to help, when we’ve needed them, with support for extra training and expenses. Its really been a godsend. Its so lovely to see this wee soul, slowly transforming into a more confident and happy cuddle monster.”

Stephanie and Frida

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We aim to tackle loneliness for the individual and homelessness for the animal, by removing financial barriers to an over 60s person adopting a rescue animal.

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